F2k14 Testing At SMP

IMG_1070Jacer has commenced testing the prototype, or “T” car, for the F2k14 series of Formula Vee.

The F2k14 is a clean sheet design. Basically no componentry is carried over from the previous F2k6-11 series models, only the solutions based on the development lessons learnt in previous models.

The first test day was really a shakedown to gain some baseline data for the all new front and rear suspension packages, cooling and aero concepts, and so far, Jacer is pleased with how good the car is immediately. David Cutts and Tim Brook piloted the car & both were positive about the potential.

In designing F2k14 we aimed for maximum efficiency across the board. The car is narrower in all areas, the nose and front floor is higher and the overall frontal area is reduced by approximately 25%. We have also narrowed the car considerably at the rear whilst including features which allow reduction in oil and head temperatures to make the most of the engines energy.


Importantly we have gained cockpit room for the driver and included safety features such as stronger side impact structures, leg and knee protection and improved head protection.

Aesthetically we aimed for a blend of the V2k and F2k models, retaining the aero efficient raised nose and reintroducing the curves that featured on the V2k.

Some further updates are nearing completion and we aim to test again before Christmas.